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Etherlite ETL

EtherLite is a blockchain platform built for efficiency; it provides a fast, secure and cheaper environment for building decentralized applications. It is fully compatible with Ethereum's tooling and Web3 technology stack and it runs on a PoS consensus algorithm. At EtherLite, transactions become instantly irreversible, there is no need to wait tens of minutes for confirmations. EtherLite runs on a POS consensus and is extremely scalable, it provides fast block times ~5s and 10,000+ TPS. EtherLite is fully compatible with the EVM meaning that any existing Ethereum smart contract and tooling can be used at EtherLite. Developers can port their existing Ethereum-based dApps in a matter of minutes, substantially upgrading the performance and lowering the costs. Any developer familiar with Ethereum can use EtherLite without (almost any) additional skills required. Chain explorer: Token purchase: Few exchanges CMC: Coingecko:

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$ 64 000 000


July 1, 2021