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EstateX ESX

A Disruptive, Fast, Flexible and Paperless Blockchain-based Real Estate Investment and Financing Platform. EstateX is starting a revolution in the Real Estate market. We aim to bring the benefits of investing in real estate to everyone interested, without the need to manage the properties yourself. Our vision is to create a sustainable power shift that evokes opportunity, freedom, and wealth. ESTATEX’ Real Estate tokenization ecosystem fully supports a new wave of online investors, developers and Real Estate owners. We want to bring financial stability and freedom to the world by providing investors with an easy-to-use platform that offers Real Estate investment options with high returns, a 24/7 tradable secondary marketplace, instant loans and liquidity to your assets. With the emergence of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies/tokenization, it is a natural next step to tokenize Real Estate, providing even more access and liquidity to Real Estate assets.




March 15, 2022



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