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BullDogSwap is a product of , All Binance Smart BullDogSwap products based on swapT-as-a-Service infrastructure are used. It will be supported by the YFIone and OneBasis markets, and the three parties will jointly promote more high-quality asset transactions in the future. BullDogSwap empowers the high end ecology of NFT products and minting from designs, connects, collectibles and trading of various assets, tokenizing NFTs through the subsequent multi-chain operation of the first Binance Chain. BullDogSwap aims to provide a brand new fan experience, simplify the process of joining the DeFi and swap economy, and at the same time connect the use of the toolbox, so that everyone can participate in the production, purchase, sales and transaction of NFT, DeFi, and swap. Easier operation and more convenient use. BullDogSwap is building an open and convergent Metaverse infrastructure to allow users to use the exchange module to provide on-chain vouchers through a decentralized exchange.

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August 17, 2021



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