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Röster: 156,959,317
Marknadsvärde: $6,659,210,533,944,933 -83.39%
Yesterday Winner 2 Metacade
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$BOOTY Club is a Socially Viral Reward-Based Protocol where you get paid to vote on the most famous insta-toosh around! + Booty of the Day, where you vote of the best ass in the class, then the winner moves on. + Winner is in the SUPER BOOTY BOWL where you vote for the golden rump. + BOOTY BOWL 1/1 NFT giveaways by and of the most followed IG models who you voted on. + More Rewards and Action than any other project + Over 10 Kinds of rewards + 3-5 Giveaways a day cross-platforms + Partnered with top models, photographers, and celebrities. + Exclusive Content from the hottest babes. + Behind the Scenes Live Footage of $BOOTY shoots + Shiller of the Week, Creator of the Week, Community % based rewards in holding and MC. + Ultimate viraly through diamond hands and love of the $Booty. + Lambo Giveaway at a 100m MC + Static Reflection Rewards and a Locked LP Deflationatory Black Hole tokenomics. We were once called a 'digital stripclub pop-up in a casino' and yeah, It kinda feels like that. Recession proof! Everyones making money, babes non-stop, quiz rewards, and an ever increasing stake with a supply squeeze. Proving you can have your cake and eat it too... off a BOOTY.

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$ 55,143


July 1, 2021



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