Криптовалюты: 27,773
Голоса: 165,910,274
Рыночная капитализация: $40,099,009,420,399,608
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TokenBurner TKB

$TKB: TokenBurner JUST LAUNCHED. 🔥 TKB - Contract: 0x0fa7a7be20e3a64e40c871f8f8984424d96c756e 📊 TokenBurner will reach top 100 Market Cap. 🥇 The mission is to become the #1 leading Community alternative. 🚀 TKB hates the words "TO THE MOON" 🤲🏻 TKB capped supply. 🔥 TKB burned. 💠 12% Transaction fees. (Slippage) 🔹 2% Liquidity pool tax. 🔹 4% Redistributed to holders. 🔹 4% Burned for ever. 🔹 2% Marketing tax 🔹 extra 1% Burning every 100k holders. 🔹 OWNER RENOUNCED and is now Community driven The liquidity pool tax is set very high to ensure the liquidity pool keeps growing forever 📈 Marketing tax is stored in BNB instead of TKB tokens so anyone being paid for promos can’t dump 💎 Our Goal is to fusionate other Communitys with our TKB APP. You can Play Games with TKB and mine other Bep20 Token for free with your CPU. The mining of the respective tokens is designed in such a way that we put the appropriate tokens in a pool. If the pool is empty, you can no longer mine the respective token until it is filled again by us.


$ 0.00000000000000300652

$ 147


July 16, 2021


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