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Tardigrades.Finance TRDG

✨TO ALL NEW TARDIGRADES ✨ That ask what is $TRDG about, we wrote this for you! We are a deflationary token with one of the best burning and rewarding rates. Your tokens will increase in value thanks to the amount of free tokens you will receive just by owning $TRDG and thanks to circulating supply decreasing on every transaction. Despite of those amazing Tokenomics, we are going to build a brand around Tardigrades and our community, an app tracker will be released so everyone can track their $TRDG balance and value whenever they want and wherever they are, we are going to focus a lot on NFTs for our holders and probably creating an ecosystem to exchange them, and we are going to develop 2d/3d games related with tardigrades and, if possible, with our token $TRDG and virtual reality. 🚀 TARDIGRADES NEVER DIE 🚀


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$ 371,526


March 8, 2021


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