Криптовалюты: 29,015
Голоса: 172,634,437
Рыночная капитализация: $40,099,012,381,519,568
Yesterday Winner 2 RecTime
Trending Winner 2 RavenX

Shibashia SHIA

Shibashia Grand Launch A decentralized token that has grown into a vibrant ecosystem. Mission Vision Shibashia's mission is to change space and make it safer for the world. cryptographic community, specifically in new token releases where most issues related to crypto scams exist. Sahira Yakarin's vision is a future where all legitimate cryptocurrency releases are authenticated through the Shibashia Vault and the community relies on the Vault Verified Badge to measure each release for project security. Obviously it's not a 100% foolproof method because it just doesn't exist in this space, but reducing risk to the highest degree is the goal.


$ 0.0000000147326

$ 580


March 20, 2022


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