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Sendlix SDX

Этот проект находится на стадии предпродажи. Будьте осторожны при инвестировании - DYOR

📦 We are Platform that brings logistics and cryptocurrencies together 📦 💎 Our goal is to connect worldwide known shipping companies together and make easier to send packages local and overseas by paying cryptocurrencies and staying anonymous.💎 🤑We will launch SDX token which is a BEP20 token with an initial fixed supply of 60 000 000 tokens. Huge steps like token integration for payments for our services, launching it on other major exchanges and everything else will be coming soon🤑 💼 Our Whitepaper, roadmap, tokenomics and everything else you can find it here: Website: www.sendlix.net Telegram: t.me/sendlix Twitter: twitter.com/sendlix Sendlix pre-sale is live! Pre-sale tokens: 12 000 000 Token price: $0.1 without vesting period Token price after listing: $0.2 Pre-sale end date: 1st of February We accept BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT, USDC for the payment. For any questions and pre-sale information please contact us at sales@sendlix.net





February 1, 2022