Криптовалюты: 27,626
Голоса: 165,305,066
Рыночная капитализация: $40,099,007,744,522,176
Yesterday Winner 2 Happy Monkey Token
Trending Winner 2 Baby Doge Coin

LionMetaGame LMG

LionMetaGame the most awaited BSC token! Our main focus is to provide the best entertainment possible for our players on Blockchain. We place emphasis on creating games that are of high quality in every way possible. We ensure that all our games themes are engaging, unique features and captivating features. We do whatever is necessary to offer a memorable gameplay experience. As one of the best video-game producers in the video-game economy "LionMetaGame" will makes games playing easy and makes trading activities among developers, marketplaces, publishers and gamers easy. Total Supply - 10,000,000 LionMetaGame Tokens For Airdrops - 2,000,000 LionMetaGame Tokens For Pre-sale - 4,000,000 LionMetaGame Pre-sale Rate - 1 BNB = 30,000 LionMetaGame Listing Rate - 1 BNB = 15,000 LionMetaGame Minimum Buy - 0.05 BNB Maximum Buy - 5 BNB Soft Cap - 50 BNB Hard Cap - 100 BNB Sale Type - Public Listing On - Pancakeswap V2





February 22, 2022

Lion Meta