Криптовалюты: 26,811
Голоса: 157,365,420
Рыночная капитализация: $40,100,419,625,511,648
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KleeKai KLEE

KLEE Klee Kai, The last of its kind, the forgotten doge of ETH. The first reflect and deflationary token launched on $KLEE Community Powered KLEE KAI is a community-focused decentralized transaction network. The real owners of $KLEE are its investors and everyone who trust and believe in the project. Instant Rewards All the holders are constantly earning thanks to the 2% reward of every single buy or sell transactions. Those who believe in $KLEE are actually rewarded for their trust; when investors hold $KLEE, their wallet balance keeps on increasing automatically, following a distribution scheme calculated on the size of the transaction that automatically distributes the tokens in a fair way to all the holders. Secure & Safe The supply consists of 100 Quadrillions of $KLEE and 100% of liquidity is sent to burn address (no VITALIK involved): by burning it all there is zero risk of “rug pull”, this makes sure that no one can pull out the liquidity. This clearly makes safe to invest in $KLEE. KLEE has been audited by a third-party firm to give our holders confidence.





May 12, 2021

Kage Nikowa

Сканирование Honeypot

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