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CryptoSlothsClub SLOTHOSHI

introducing the Crypto Sloths Club 🙏 !! t.me/CryptoSlothsClub 💫We are launching our token on BSC soon and as we progress and suceed we want to go multi chain, ETH being the next on the roadmap This will be a high reward token (upto 20% in rewards) and will be launching first on BNBChain rewarding BUSD and later on ETH chain which will be a unbridged launch rewarding ETH to its holders. 🔥Tokenomics :- of the ecosystem token $SLOTHOSHI This will be a reward token, rewards will be in the range of 15% to 20% per Buy/Sell in BUSD directly transferred to HOLDERS account, and we will be orchestrating the rewards to a new model as the holder count increases beyond 5000 or more so that we are able to make rewards more effective for the holders as we realize that as the holder count increases significantly the reward refelections become ineffective for new holders and holders with small bags. We are taking a unique approach to this problem will be revealed once we reach that stage. 🧲Utilties to be built as we progress:- Core Utility - Social Media and a Market Place platform for Crypto. A web3 platform where people can connect with each other, buy and sell products and services, initially a website and later a hybrid mobile app for Apple and Android. Case 1 Services :- • Service Providers - Influences, Techies, Designers, Marketers, etc they can list their services and work on requirements of customers. • Service Consumers - Can come and buy services rate or view ratings to take a better call. Their funds will be parked in Smart Contracts until those services are completed as per the agreement. Case 2 Social :- • Casual Crypto Investors - Can have their profiles set up, post small messages on their profile, connect with other users, broadcast mess






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