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Bamonyo BAM

Our currency is a utility token. ​ It will be used by Tiny Hotels customers to access all of our services (overnight stays, transport, activities, dinner, breakfast, etc.) It will be the only way to access Tiny Hotels services. ​ We plan to build hotels all around the world in a very short period of time. As we know that we will need to deliver thousands of hotels quickly, we imagined a concept of hotels composed of luxury mobile homes on trailers also called tiny "houses". This concept has lots of advantages: Possibility of renting some plots if we cannot buy them, Developing hotels little by little (ex: start an hotel with 5 tiny houses and add more later), It is economical to build and practical to develop, It is easy to secure and we can synchronize the embedded technologies. We are working on the research and the development of the tiny houses in France near Lyon with an expert team. In TINYA we have talented architects, carpenters, metalworkers, plumbers, electricians, etc. and we are continuously improving many details with passion. ​ We want smart tiny houses with a door opening system with facial recognition. For that we are working with Xiaomi to adapt their products for our needs. Regarding the power supply, we collaborate with a young and very innovative company in the south of France that offers very thin, flexible and high performance solar panels: Solar Cloth System ​ To start our hotel chain, we chose the destination of Zanzibar composed of 3 islands (Zanzibar itself, Pemba Island and Mafia Island) because the local population is very nice and and the weather is excellent all year round. Also, we chose to set up our tiny house factory in Zanzibar because the workforce is qualified and accessible.


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November 1, 2021