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Голоса: 140,271,262
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BabyFilecoin BABYFIL

FAIRLAUNCH 📁 1 FIL = $51.2 Highly Anticipated launch coming up for a coin that will be the first to pay investors in Filecoin, with an auto-boost feature at the same time that prevent huge dumps in during our run. Welcome to the new way of earning FILECOIN = $51.2 per coin! Buy BabyFilecoin and auto-earn FIL straight to your wallet! BabyFilecoin FAIR LAUNCH NEXT-GEN TOKEN REWARDS YOU FIL BabyFilecoin is a next-gen token that rewards you with Filecoin airdrops. Simply buy & hold BabyFilecoin and you’ll get Filecoin airdropped to your wallet every 30 minutes automatically! you can just Buy/Sell 1 babyAAVEbsc to receive them instantly.


$ 0.0000000579333

$ 5,793


July 26, 2021


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