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Animals ANML

Cryptocurrencies are very popular nowadays. Most of them say "we are ecosystem friendly" .But as you know there is no ecosystem friendly move from them. We want to show how everybody can help to save ecosystem and animals all around the world. Even people who are not into cryptocurrencies will pay their attention to our project. Our move going to be share half our income to our partners. We will support them to help all animals in the world such as building a shelter, recovering wild life habitat ,food support , accessories , boat , medical support and etc. And with other half we will create our way to how blockchain going to be help animals and ecosystem.We are going to create pet hospitals , shelters , food supply , activities for animals and etc. Day by day as we grow up our support will be stronger . As an utility token "ANML" will able to make you earn , support animals and thier habitat , donate and buy products. Simply you will earn , animals will earn ,WE will earn. We are their voice!





July 23, 2021


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