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Able Finance ABLE

ABLE is the Able Finance native utility token, it is initially a BEP20 token but a NEAR chain integration will be done after the launch, then there will be 2 versions of the ABLE token, one on the BSC and the other on NEAR. ​ The token will have multiple use cases for governance, platform utility, and much more. Hold & Earn ABLE token provides a dual source of passive income. ​ A 10% annual increase in the ABLE token supply is automatically reflected and distributed in the holder's balance. If you have 1000 ABLE, you will own 1100 ABLE a year later thanks to this income stream, in other words, inflation ensures a minimum 10% APY to ABLE token holders. Also, a 3.00% fee is applied to each transaction, which is instantly and equally split between the ABLE token holders and a burn.


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$ 3,099


August 14, 2021


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