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When is Proof of Pepe launching their Pre-Bridge? Find out how to farm POP & liquidity mine.

As Pepe continued climbing, defying all odds. A lot of focus is on the Proof of Pepe chain who are starting the pre-bridge this month. A chain built by Pepe whales to contend with the likes of Shibarium. A pre-bridging process that rewards those who ape from the beginning. I’ll cover it all in this article.

What is POP

Pepe is the world’s most widely recognised meme, now anticipate the release of the biggest chain for meme tokens and Pepe whales: The POP Network. All eyes on Pepes own chain which plans to onboard the next 1B ‘normies’ to trade meme tokens through everybody’s favourite frog.

How to farm $POP

Stake $PEPE for $POP in our pre-bridge. When we take the chain live, these staked tokens will be airdropped as PEPE on the POP network. Proof of Pepe is rewarding the first pioneers to trade on the future of meme-chains with the native token that will skyrocket alongside chain activity.

Liquidity Mining Incentives

Proof of Pepe is also offering liquidity mining incentives.

While Uniswap V3 is already fruitful to liquidity providers, the Proof of Pepe team is making it even more so by setting 5% of the supply aside for airdrops to those who provide to our ecosystem.

For every $1000 staked, people earn 1 point daily. The airdrop is distributed according to total points.

You can even earn with affiliate

Anybody can simply use Pepe’s affiliate feature to earn 1% of volume brought to the Pre-Bridge!

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No dinâmico e sempre alterável cenário das criptomoedas, o Proof Of Pepe se estabeleceu como um jogador formidável. Atualmente, está classificado em #27,351 no mercado de criptomoedas com base em sua capitalização de mercado. Esta classificação reflete a confiança e segurança que o mercado tem no Proof Of Pepe como um ativo digital viável.


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