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Rocket Boys RBOYS

🚀Rocket Boys - $RBOYS 🚀 The next and only launchpad that will bring trust and safety back to the BSC space. We aim to eradicate and correct all of the malicious activity that tends to be associated with low market cap coins. There will be the most stringent of measures in place in order to be able to launch a new token on our launchpad. The platform will become the go-to place for thoroughly audited, vetted and KYC/KYB tokens. Investors can rest assured that, at a minimum, any tokens they see on our platform has no evil intentions behind it. This contract is a new contract written specifically for Rocket Boys by some of the best developers in the space. ⭐️ - Lamborghini giveaway at $150m Market cap ⭐️ - $40k diamond rolex giveaway to the best shiller at launch ⭐️ - Launchpad - (Bot-free & Anti-rug measures) ⭐️ - Buy-back ⭐️ - Auto BUSD rewards ⭐️ - Huge Giveaways ⭐️ - Influencer backed

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July 14, 2021


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