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Queen of Shiba QUEENSHIBA

The Queen of Shiba has arrived from a far distant galaxy. She knows what it's like to go beyond the moon and Mars. She’s here to share her wisdom and grant us lavish gifts to our crypto-world before returning to her Planet Shiba. QUEENSHIBA is a defi coin on the Binance Smart Chain that’s hyper-deflationary and brings a new distribution tokenomics not seen on this planet. Most defi coins that do buybacks do it on the fly. This means, once a coin pumps, most investors or bots pull out immediately. QUEENSHIBA teaches investors patience and to have diamond hands by pumping back BNB to real long term HODLers. Redistribution happens ONCE a day every 24 hours so it rewards the most faithful and loyal. Once we understand this, we will be able to fly beyond the moon to visit her majesty.

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$ 1,434


June 21, 2021


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