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Launched on February 12, 2022 on the Fantom Ecosystem, ImpDAO is a fork of the Olympus protocol focused on active treasury deployment. ImpDAO leverages the fractional reserve currency technology as a fund-raising tool to create a decentralized DeFi investment fund. In the short term, ImpDAO is primarily focused on "smart beta" strategies i.e. giving DAO stakeholders a diversified and pre-vetted exposure to the Fantom DeFi ecosystem. In the medium term, ImpDAO will follow a core + satellite approach similar to TradFi investment funds. The core + satellite strategy will result in the launch of additional (strategy) pods, which will follow specific investment strategies in order for ImpDAO to effectively deploy its capital into suitable pockets of the market. In the long run, stakeholders of ImpDAO will be able to freely allocate their funds to specific strategies similar to choosing your ETF allocation with modern-day brokers. ImpDAO was founded by BossImp and J0M4N, which are both doxxed to a third party KYC provider Assure DeFi.

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February 12, 2022


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