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Bitcoin Solana

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💡 What is Bitcoin Solana?

Bitcoin Solana | $BTCSOL | REWARDS 4% IN $SOL 💰

Bitcoin Solana Organization, feel free to ask your questions in our community.

"The truth is before the eyes of those who want to see."

Money no longer functions in the way we know it, and everything in the world is being tokenized. Your "REAL" money loses purchasing power every passing day due to inflation, with banks printing more and more money each day and products becoming increasingly expensive and SCARCE. When $BTC was introduced as a safe and secure online payment method without third-party intervention, many speculations were made. Every day, someone said that BITCOIN WOULD DIE, and today everyone speculates where this FIAT-destroying monster can go...

2009: $0.003 | 2010: $0.50 | 2011: $10.00 | 2012: $10.00 | 2013: $600.00 | 2014: $310.00 | 2015: $360.00 | 2016: $1000.00| 2017: $20,000.00
BITCOIN PRICE TODAY 2024: $70,0000.00 🔥

And in the year 2024, after various institutional approvals and allocations, the trend is that in subsequent years, $BTC will reach the title of the largest reserve of WORLD VALUE, and that is the proposal we will deliver, a new opportunity to buy and hold an old promise but now with much more technology and visibility with significant potential with the work we will present.

And if you could have bought your Bitcoins in 2009, the year of its launch, how much do you think you would have?

If you had invested $100, the multiplied value would have reached over 140 million dollars today.

💬The proposal of $BTCSOL:

  • - Low energy cost mining through Proof of Task (PoT).
  • - Charity around the world with our Biticoin Solana Angels.
  • - BSDex and BSStaking, Web3 payment methods, Dapps, Apps, and partnerships with card machine companies.
  • - A unique opportunity with a limited offer of 21M tokens.

    💰 We are lovers of BITCOIN and the financial revolution initiated by Satoshi Nakamoto when it was created.

  • Marktrang

    In het dynamische en voortdurend veranderende landschap van cryptocurrencies, heeft Bitcoin Solana zich gevestigd als een formidabele speler. Het staat momenteel op nummer #26,475 in de cryptocurrency markt op basis van zijn marktkapitalisatie. Deze rangschikking weerspiegelt het vertrouwen en de zekerheid die de markt heeft in Bitcoin Solana als een levensvatbaar digitaal vermogen.

    Ondersteuning voor Wallet

    Om je Bitcoin Solana tokens veilig op te slaan, kun je gebruik maken van verschillende wallets zoals Trust Wallet, MetaMask, SafePal, Coin98. Deze wallets bieden een veilige omgeving voor het beheren en opslaan van je digitale activa. Het is essentieel om een wallet te kiezen die de specifieke cryptocurrency ondersteunt en een hoog niveau van veiligheid, gebruiksvriendelijkheid, en compatibiliteit met je voorkeursapparaten biedt.



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