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Completely decentralized fundraising and Incubation platform. We aim to empower projects with fundraising capabilities by allowing retail investors and potential users access to early investment deals while developing loyal users. PROXIMA is a decentralized trust fund that combines traditional crowdfunding with Blockchain technology and easy-to-engage smart contracts. Start-up projects seeking funding can lay out roadmap milestones and timelines according to their actual capacity and contingent upon realistic performance targets, establishing measurable criteria for delivering upon only fulfillable promises. PROXIMA is a MultiChain platform, interoperable with all major cryptocurrencies, whether they be utility coins or stable coins. PROXIMA is a market-agnostic platform with no bias or affinity towards any specific industry or focus area. PROXIMA is a global investment platform promoting a safe standard; a brand of trust. PRX is the token symbol for PROXIMA proprietary cryptocurrency, a governance token that grants voting rights and investors oversight over ICOs and funded projects. PROXIMA accomplishes fully the blockchain’s promise of investors can fund start-ups with extended control of their financial contributions. Funding is released based on the projects’ successful completion of Milestones. PROXIMA secures investors’ funds through the time-honoured practice of putting funds into PROXIMA, and only releasing payouts on a milestone basis on the completion of pre-defined project developments.

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