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Lucrosus Capital LUCA

Lucrosus Capital's goal is to give everybody the opportunity to invest in the most lucrative projects at a very early stage, taking advantage of the price that only institutions can get. Therefore, a key product for $LUCA holders is a shared allocation program, in which a part of each allocation received by Lucrosus Capital will be offered to $LUCA token holders. Users will have the choice to provide their desired allocation via the dedicated platform. The amount that holders can invest will depend on the tier they belong to. The tier depends on the number of $LUCA tokens they have – the more tokens, the higher the allocation: - Gemmo - 5M+ $LUCA; 25% allocation - Emerald - 1M+ $LUCA; 22.5% allocation - Aurum - 300k+ $LUCA; 20% allocation - Arganti - 100k+ $LUCA; 17.5% allocation - Cuprum - 25k+ $LUCA; 15% allocation. 🚀🚀🚀 Join the $LUCA Public Sale while it’s still cheap! 🚀🚀🚀




January 17, 2022


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