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INTRODUCTION Greta is the governance token of the future GretaChain blockchain. The project was born with the aim of defending the planet from deforestation and pollution, also putting itself at the service of the poorest peoples in the world, trying to make a concrete contribution. Trees, food and medicine are GretaChain’s top priorities. WHAT IS GRETA? Greta is currently a bep20 token that will soon be listed on pancakeswap initially and subsequently on other major exchanges. The ultimate goal is to develop a blockchain that can be used to track donations and ensure that the community can verify that the funds donors are not stolen or squandered. Only with a decentralized control protocol will you be absolutely sure that donations are made correctly. How greta works Greta has a total supply of 20,082,018 tokens, they are not mintable or mineable (we are totally green). At each exchange 2% of fees are withheld which will be divided 50% to the holders and the remaining 50% will be donated to the projects selected by the community and by the staff. Subsequently,when our blockchain starts to work Greta will bind to the transitions of the donations, certifying them. You can check the global fee portfolio yourself to see how we use these funds.

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January 3, 2022


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