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ArbiMatter is a elastic supply token designed with holders in mind, with a ever increasing price. Holders are vastly rewarded as the smart contract is hard coded to increase the price, it is the first of its kind on Arbitrum and the price is designed to rise by a minimum of 8% every 8 hours, until it reaches $1,000,000 🌌 ANTIMATTER: Consistent price rebasing in order to insure a gradual rise over time to the price of $1,000,000 6% transaction tax is applied to each transaction (buy or sell) and shared between: 🔒 Liquidity: 3% automatically added towards liquidity in order to help insure stability and lower volatility. 👨‍💻 EcoSystem Development: 1% towards development and expansion of the ArbiMatter universe. ‍🚀MARKETING: 2% to marketing budget that will be used wisely to insure the growth of ArbiMatter stays consistent.




September 14, 2021


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