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Anti Rug Smart Chain ARSCA

Anti-Rug Smart Chain (ARSCA) is designed for multi-purposes DApp's such as ARSCA Directory, ARSCA Tools & ARSCA Finance. ARSCA is a smart solution for one-stop fully DApp's on BSC products. At the beginning, ARSCA was a YouTube channel that created for some kind of honest review on new BSC Projects, and intended to inform the viewers about rug-analysis for the projects and evaluate it. And then we came with an idea of ARSCA as a BSC Project by doing a greater contribution to the whole BSC community through ARSCA Directory, ARSCA Tools, and ARSCA Finance. ARSCA Directory : ARSCA BSC Audit Services, BSC Start-Up Listing & Directory, Anti-Rug Analysis ARSCA Tools : Live Charting & Token Data, Trading History, LP Data, Volume, Whale's Detector ARSCA Finance : BEP20 Token Generator, Launchpad, Token/LP Locker, DEx & Yield Farming, 3D-NFT Marketplace




May 20, 2021


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