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Wormoon Protocol WORMOON

Wormoon is a transparent, decentralized project, made to be profitable to everyone. Launched with a special algorithm that protects token and early holders from sniping bots and whales, this BEP-20 token is made to be safe and reliable investment.🤖 Smart Sniper Protection - our secret weapon against all snipers. We know this pain when you are investing in token and it's getting dumped by snipers! We can't keep our investors in such a risk, that's why we implemented protection algorithm for identifying snipers, marking their transactions and not letting them to dump the $WORM00N!🗳️Community-driven Iiquidity management - liquidity locked initially and then managed by community only! Team is providing new features, then community decides whether they want to update protocol and migrate liquidity.




May 30, 2021



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