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Web3Intelligence WI

Thanks to Web3 technologies, which have just adapted to the developing technology world, many more platforms such as Metaverse, NFT, Play2Earn are taking their place in human life. Thanks to the Web3Intelligence project, we are bringing artificial intelligence to Web3 systems. A brain that can encode its own Metaverse world, perform cross-block transactions and tracking, and examine NFTs is coming. Thanks to Web3 chains, Web3Intelligence scans the blocks and tries to understand the operations performed in them by interpreting them. If you think that it is still in a baby stage, it will have learned to produce its own token in an estimated 36 days, to make its own Web3-ETH software within an estimated 47 days, and to build its own blockchain in an estimated 91 days.

$ 0.000000294639

$ 15,679


January 13, 2022