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Suara: 148,645,323
Tutup Pasar: $99,409,637,443,002 -99.79%
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WeNetwork WENT

WeNetwork is Tech Start-up and WeNetwork is going to revolutionize the whole Decentralised Finance ecosystem. and also Aiming to create their own Blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum and Binance. WeNetwork also have Token Build on Binance smart chain. That you can invest now and be part of WeFamily. WeNetwork is working on the DeFi app and it will be launched by 5th September with Exclusive new features. and will add features like landing and borrowing, insurance, etc by October. Also, WeNetwork is working on a crypto payment gateway that will use everywhere through WeNT coin.

$ 0.00000121161

$ 5,936


May 7, 2021



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