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Trillium TRL

Trillium is a new charity cryptocurrency and smart contract. Trillium seeks to change the existing charity environment using the power of cryptocurrencies. There have been a lot of RFI type projects lately but none of them had an actual utility that would make the project useful longterm. Our solution is to make a token that will not only apply a 6% burn fee and a 1% redistribution fee, but also swap 1% of tokens from every transaction to BNB and send it to the Binance charity donation wallet. 10% Tax on each transaction (Slippage 10%) : 6% Burn Supply Forever, 1% Sent To binance Charity Wallet, 1% Buyback & Burn , 1% Marketing , 1% redistributed to each holder. You earn passively every time someone makes a transaction. Hold your tokens and watch them grow. It's that simple.




June 24, 2021

Trillium Family


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