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Supercar Coin PULP

🚘 Supercar Coin is a community driven fan coin project on the BSC chain designed to bring wealth for all super car fans across the globe. Developer minting just 98 million coins + automatic hold staking mechanism allows fans to receive generous reflections by holding PULP. So if you love super cars and love rewards, this is the investment for you! 🚘 Supercar Coin - $PULP 📜 Contract verified ✔️ Ownership will be Renounced 🚀 Launch Date 16/07/2022 - 11:00 am UTC ✅️ Supercar Coin is an autonomous revenue and liquidity generation protocol that employs 2 simple functions: reflection + LP acquisition on every transaction, transaction levies 8% fee, divided into 3 ways. 💰 Earn by Holding $PULP 3% of each transaction is withdrawn and redistributed to all Supercar Coin holders in $PULP. 🔄 Automatic Liquidity Pool 2% of each trade helps to automatically generate more liquidity on Pinksale. Maximum long-term benefit for PULP holders! 🤝 Transparency and Community Driven Pre sale launch. Dev adding 96% of the token supply to LPs on Pinksale at Fair Launch. 🔒 High Security We are locking all liquidity pool tokens (PULP/BNB LP) for 7 years and relinquished contract ownership to provide security for the entire community! 🪙 Token Economics Total Supply: 98,000,000 96% for fair release. (We add 96% of tokens to LP on Pinksale) 2% Marketing 2% team

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July 16, 2022