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Predator PED

#new #startup #insanereflections Predator just launched on the BSC Smart Chain - Buy the dip, now is the time! Predator Token $PED is a decentralized community driven token that aims to bring a fair crypto ecosystem for its community (Pack). Members earn interest through hodling tokens in their wallet which will be automatically send to their wallets. Everyone can decide which Prey (e.g. BTC, BNB, etc) should be hunted next. ▫️Core Team full doxxed ▫️Know your customer (KYC) successfully passed ▫️Audit via Solidproof ▫️Smart Contract Code published ▫️Launched via Pinksale ▫️Locked LP Pool ▫️Very low MC right now ▫️Qualify for reflections with small amount of $PED to hold ▫️Buy through Pancakeswap or Poocoin

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December 13, 2021



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