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Krypto Republic KRP

What is Krypto Republic? Revolutionizing Krypto Resorts, Farms and NFTs We encourage business, non-profit organizations and individuals to join our community. By owning KRP (Krypto Republic Token) or by holding any Krypto Republic NFT, you become a community member and Co-Owner of Krypto Republic, joining an innovative change that will revolutionize Krypto Resorts and Farms forever. Krypto Republic aims to be the connector between communities and projects by providing different utility possibilities and use-cases. As a community member of Krypto Republic you earn the right to help plan and vote on the eco-friendly development of Krypto Republic no matter what your holdings are, every member of the community co-owns the Resort's and Farms. Krypto Republic is essentially resorts and farms that will be built upon the like of its people: YOU.

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January 26, 2022