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Kriptomata uang Daftar hitam

Mata uang kriptomata ini TERHITAM karena Scam : .
Hindari membeli dan menjual mata uang kriptomata uang ini karena akan menghilangkan investasi Anda.
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FlieToken FIT

We enforce both the passive and active principle of the FlieToken coin: on the passive side of the coin provides "Watch and Earn" stacking, farming, lending, BELP, or just holding and many others of that kind ..... is "Earn by holding" on the active side of the coin provides "Learn and Earn" trading (buy low sell high), swaping, active pool to pool transfering ...... is "Earn by doing" In order to realize our vision and mission, we have created a BankExchangeLiquidityPool - BELP. Our BELP prevents FlieToken from entropy and ensures liquidity, fair price, and value of the coin at any time you want to buy or to sell. Price never goes down on BELP.

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$ 212,718


December 28, 2021


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