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🧟‍♂️ Diamond Zombie ($DZ) is the new P2E on BSC, a new era of sniper games 🧟‍♂️ 🚀In 2050, COVID-19 is still lingering on to this world and spreading terror, as it had mutated to a zombie infectious disease. The survivors in this post-apolyptic world has banded together to fight against the zombies and to save the little humanity, if any, left in humans. You will be playing as a survivor in this world,killing zombies and upgrading gears throughout your new journey in the somberness. 🧟‍♂️Are you ready to partake in a fight against zombie? A fight for humanity! Join us in the first Zombie NFT game, a play-to-earn game where you can earn money in the process of saving the world!! FEATURE: ✅LP LOCKED ONE YEAR!!! ✅EXPERIENCED TEAM!!! ⚠️SOON AUDITED!!!! ✅STRONG COMMUNITY ✅ANTI SNIPER BOTS ✅Celebrities on Board 10 Millions TOTAL SUPPLY 💲15% TOTAL TAX Marketing Wallet 7% Liquidity Pool 7% Dev Rewards 1% 💰% reward in BUSD based on Numbers of transaction, the reward upgrade when the holders upgrade theirs wallet. The rewards feature will be activated at 200k MC so as not to dump the chart. 🖼 When we reach 200 holders, we will release the website where the holders can mint NFTs for play P2E 🕹we will release P2E when we reach 500 holders BSC ADDRESS: TBA⚠️




March 18, 2022


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