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CryptoCrushToken CCT

Our project is made with true passion and great aspirations. This project is not your ordinary meme/shitcoin. At cryptocrush we value both your investment and your time! Although cryptocrush has a huge meme potential, it's true value derives from it's utility! Our main goal, except from making you insanely rich is to become a platform which creates android and IOS compatible games. Currently, we are working on our own unique game, similar to candy crush, but with many added benefits! Of course, cryptocrushtoken will be the native token for all games developed or hosted by our platform. That will incentivize people around the world to keep adding our token to their portfolio, ensuring that we will have high volume constantly. We want this token to be a safe haven for investors. A fun and nice place where everyone has a good time while knowing that their funds are SAFU!

$ 0.000000000000000653017

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June 8, 2021



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