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🦄🧁🥞BabyUniCupCake - AUTO $UNI and $CAKE YIELD GENERATION TOKEN🦄🧁🥞 Inspired by the success of BabyCake and BabyUNI , we present BabyUniCupCake, a combination of Uniswap and Pancakeswap which is an auto-$CAKE $UNI yield generation/rewards token♻. Get rewarded every hour as long as you HODLE. BUCC is here to reach for the CAKE lovers and UNICORN dreamers and beyond!🚀 We believe we have sweet tooth so it’s only right to stuff ourselves. ! Don't get left out of the super duper CAKEYY $UNICAKE rewards!🔥 Buy-Back 💵 The BabyUniCupCake contract has a built in Automatic Buy-Back function inspired by EverRISE. For each transaction, there will be a BuyBack system that automatically makes a token purchase, burning the tokens it gets Simply hold your $BUCC and earn $UNI and $CAKE. 🧁🥞Tokenomics 🧁🥞 🦄🧁Project Name: BabyUniCupCake 🦄🧁Project Symbol: $BUCC 🦄🧁Total Supply: 100,000,000,000 $BUCC 🦄🧁 Max Transaction: 1,500,000,000 $BUCC 1.5 % of total supply 🦄🧁15% total fees 🦄🧁10% reflection in $CAKE every HOUR 🦄🧁5% auto added LP 🦄🧁🚀 BuyBack Function PRESALE AND WEBSITE SOON!!! Let’s hit a 1000 MEMBERS on telegram and we are live




August 11, 2021



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