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Abstratech Token LLC ABSTRAC

What is Abstrac Token in the market, it is simply a smart contract and a self-growing utility token, where the cryptocurrency market and the Binance Smartchain network lack development, creation and technological invention that can give it a clean of face and structure since a market so volatile and full of so many empty contracts where everyone promises and does not deliver, Abstratech Token LLC as a company has shown its 450 VIP investors that we have developed the most ambitious, innovative project that may exist in the year 2022- towards 2100, establishing an ecosystem where from the simple download of an application, its Abstrac Token structure will be the protagonist in the transaction area and not only in applications, our metaverse called matrix city, a virtual city where Abstrac will be the protagonist in all transactions of a metaverse whose purpose is the development of new entrepreneurs and businessmen who will be the future leaders creating a digital and virtual market giving the Blockchain a new face and Abstrac leading the Tokenomic market by introducing other tokens as a method of exchange and transaction within our ecosystem

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September 7, 2022