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WildDuck WDK

🔴 Tokenomics 💠 Name : WildDuck 💠 Symbol : WDK 💠 Blockchain : BEP-20 💠 Total Supply : 100,000,000,000 ☄️ Fair Launch 55% 🔥 Supply Burn 40% 🏆 Airdrop 5% 📣 Every transaction will be taxed at 12% ⚡️ Bonus (6%) : If a single purchase exceeds 200 USDT, it becomes a reward account and has the right to receive 6% of rewards for each subsequent transaction. Until the next transaction that buys more than 200 USDT, the right to collect taxes is transferred at the same time. ⚡️ Bonus Pool (2%) : Bonus Pool Fee will be added to the Bonus Pool. If there is no transaction for more than four hours, the last buyer will receive half of the USDT reward in the Bonus Pool. This mechanism ensures that the reward account will receive a stable fee income. ⚡️ Liquidity Pool (2%) : 2% of every transaction is added as liquidity in the PancakeSwap WDK/USDT pool, creating an ever rising price floor. ⚡️ Dividends (2%) : 2% of each transaction will be distributed to all currency holders in real time.The Black Hole counts as one of the wallet holders.




July 7, 2021


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