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TriumphX TRIX

TriumphX projects are designed and created to digitalize all content as NFTs and freely trade them. TriumphX provides a one-stop service from discovery of creators, content development, and NFT publishing/marketing/consulting/sales so that all contents in the world can become digital assets. It contributes to expanding the diversity of NFTs, which are concentrated in the metaverse, art, and games. In addition, in preparation for the rapidly growing NFT market on multiple blockchains at the same time, it provides a cross-chain decentralized NFT marketplace that can efficiently trade NFTs that exist in various chains and types to integrate the distributed market. TriumphX firstly integrates chains using Kakao’s blockchain Klaytn’s Orbit Chain bridge technology, and secondly, builds a more complete cross-chain marketplace through Polkadot’s cross-chain technology. By staking TRIX, TriumphX's utility token, In the cross-chain marketplace, TRIX, a utility token of TriumphX, is staked to reward staking participants with a portion of the platform’s fees, and NFTs are staked to build a system that rewards additional NFTs.




June 20, 2020


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