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Ficha de la lista negra

Este cripto es BLACKLISTED debido a Scam : Rug pull.
Evite comprar y vender este cripto ya que seguramente le hará perder su inversión.
Si cree que el estado de la lista negra es incorrecto por favor contacte con nosotros o envíe un informe a continuación.


Open Data Protocol OPEN

Open Data Protocol is a GameFi Studio on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) inspired by the technological & financial capabilities of the blockchain. We aim to revolutionize the industry by creating a sustainable ecosystem where P2E games with unique features and utilities can lead the way for the decentralized finance of the future. Our main goal is to introduce gamers and newcomers to P2E experiences. We are working hard to create fun play-to-earn games in which users feel comfortable, enjoy and earn rewards. That said, Rumble Gaming is one of the first GameFi studios paving the way for rumble-concept games for crypto.




March 7, 2022