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SuccessKid SKIDDO

SKIDDO was born on 23rd March 2021 as a Defi plus Charity Token. On 16th April 2021 SKIDDO started a campaign against rugged tokens. To date there are over half of SKIDDO holders were ex-victims of rugged tokens. They swapped and SKIDDO delivered by recovering their losses from rugged tokens and even went further to enjoy the gains in SKIDDO price appreciation. SKIDDO achieved the above based on the principles of sustainable yield and liquidity generation protocol. It works by applying 10% fee for each transaction and instantly splitting that fee by rewarding holders with 5%, auto locking 5% in Pancake Liquidity Pool. The principles of sustainable yield and liquidity generation protocol were further underpinned by the our strong belief of building a strong foundation. The SKIDDO Team spent 3 weeks to build a strong foundation, we have chosen the low profile manner because we believed in pure mathematical modelling. Organic growth is preferred to hyped created growth.

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March 23, 2021



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