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PawnMyNFT will let you put any Ethereum NFT up for collateralization. Other users can offer you a loan on that NFT. We will also be working to incorporate other Blockchains into our platform for lending (SOL, POLY-Matic, Binance, + More) If you accept a loan, the funds get paid out from the -Lender's- account to you, and your NFT gets locked in a smart contract. Once you repay the loan, the NFT will be transferred back to your wallet. If you DON'T pay back the total repayment amount before the due date, the asset will be forfeited and transferred to the 'Lender'. PawnMyNFT will also be your #1 source of NFT advertising and rarity checker for all NFT platforms. We will incorporate an advertising platform for all projects to advertise their released and launched NFTs, while also incorporating a upvote system for the hottest NFT’s in the market. -Pawn My NFT... Non-Fungible Token Defi At Your Fingertips-

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November 3, 2021



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