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Orion Token ORION

✔️Orion Token: It was established to draw attention to forest fires and tree destruction around the world, to examine the causes of extinction of rapidly decreasing tree and plant communities and to find solutions to these problems, and to help all humanity and future generations live in a healthier and greener world. It is literally a community and charity project. 🍃OUR RESPONSIBILITIES AND SOLUTIONS ✔️Creating a separate wallet for the 2% deduction made from each purchase and sale, donating saplings on behalf of the community with this wallet, and transparently sharing the certificates of these donations on social media platforms such as Orion Token's Website, Twitter, Instagram and Telegram. ✔️Bringing this awareness to everyone we can reach through the Crypto Exchange. ✔️To take a greener and cleaner step into the future with the solution suggestions of the members of the community. Come on, join the developments such as airdrop and staking that we will share soon. 🚀🚀 FAIRLAUNCH 18.00 UTC

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March 11, 2022