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Mirai Universe MUNI

🚀Mirai Universe is the newest crypto to implement unique NFT's into a multiplayer game! The dev team has been thinking for a while about this scheme and they finally started it! They are working on an unique video game where your MUNI$ counts as unique economic value! 🚀 It will be an adventure multiplayer game, whose economy will be powered by the $MUNI token where you can discover the world together, fight various monsters, fight each other, play with your Mirai, and together with your friends. You will be able to create assets and sell them on the marketplace and even have your own business in the Mirai Universe. Trading, selling, and creating will be a big part of the game because we want to introduce as many financial education features as possible in order to help everybody. The trailer of the game is already up and you can find it on the website ( news section ).




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