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Half Pizza is a decentralized reward autonomous community of BSC. Any good ecology, model, and product that conforms to the underlying logic of the blockchain may be used by us as a community building section. We have our own complete ecological framework. 10 billion is issued, the initial 8.5 billion PIZA and 120 BNB add liquidity and have been locked up, 5% community construction, 5% project function dividends, 5% airdrop and team building. 4% of the profit of each sector is used for holding currency rewards, 3% for liquidity mining rewards, 2% for burning, and 1% for referral rewards. The design is based on liquidity mining rewards other than the pancakeswap exchange, issuing 1,000 sub-tokens, and users who add liquidity get the sub-token SWET, which is the number of BNB tokens at the beginning of adding multiplied by the total number of seconds to end the withdrawal of tokens. When the 3% liquidity bonus pool of the project's profit meets 10 million PIZA, it will be issued in accordance with the proportion of SWET crypto holding

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May 26, 2021



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