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DOGGYMON is the future of dogecoins 🐶. Doggymon came from another planet that everyone has heard of, but with a kind of spaceship 🚀 that no human can build, with a CRAZINESS that no man has ever seen. BUT...there is a little problem...he is trapped here, in our planet, in our world, and we can not take the craziness these beings have, so we ALL have to help Doggymon to get him back to the MOON 🌑 get him back where he belongs!!! We like crazy spirits like our mascot Doggymon and we ALL have to be crazy ourselves to make the chart go CRAZY. Hop in! 📤 Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 tokens 💰 Tokenomics: 💰 🐶 10% Doge rewards 1% Buy Back | 6% Liquidity | 4% Marketing 2% Max Buy | 3% Max Wallet 🚀 Initial Liquidity: 0.5 BNB 🔓 Liquidity locked on Mudra 🔓 Earn one of the Elon's favourite out there! ✅ Stealth launched ✅ Developer video doxxed ✅ Team with experience in the field ✅ Marketing plans for steady growth

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August 15, 2021



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