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Carnaval CRNL

The exponential growth of the DeFi market reflects the potential of digital currencies and decentralized platforms to offer an alternative to the traditional finance paradigm that for decades has seen steady consolidation, stifling innovation and reducing financial inclusion. The DeFi market is creating a fundamental layer for blockchain-based financial services within the emerging digital economy. One of the advantages of Binance Smart Chain is that it allows for smaller trades with lower transaction costs, lowering barriers to entry for many individuals, a barrier to entry for many investors seeking exposure to the DeFi market but are hampered by the high costs of trading. transactions on the Ethereum network. Our token has an automatic winning technology, that is, with each transaction that takes place, the CRNL holder will securely earn in their own wallet more Carnival tokens (CRNL), the custody will always be in the hands of the holder who will always earn 2% of the rates transferred in our network.

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July 19, 2021



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