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Donkey Kong Official KONG

Donkey Kong was a cool game released in July 1981. Donkey Kong is an cryptocurrency project build on Binance Smart Chain network. Our main utility is P2E game which is already in development as well as NFT'S and staking platform for passive income. We have implemented something new to contract functionality. Our code give opportunity to avoid contract sells to get BNB. By charging little bit more trading fees, the contract pull off BNB immediately after every buy and sell which does not affect chart. Rewards from game will be paid in BNB as well, this way holders who does get rewarded doesn't need to sell tokens to get money. To sum up the chart will stay healthy and will be affected by normal trades only. We will have two types of NFT'S. 1.Main character with different power and additional skills that will help you get more points which is higher rewards. 2. Other characters with different skills which will be helping Donkey Kong in his adventures and to defeat the boss at the end of every world.

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