Completed Coinvote Exclusive Crypto Airdrops

Browse our list of recently concluded exclusive crypto airdrops for your convenience and reference. Includes both crypto tokens and assets.

ProjectNumber of WinnersTotal Airdrop AmountStart DateEnd DateStatus
ApeifyApeify0 earn 1$ every 20 minutesMay 01, 2025December 20, 2023Ended
Baby-HalvingBaby Halving5250April 20, 2024April 25, 2024Ended
BeellionaireSolClubBeellionaireSolClub5000500000000April 18, 2024May 12, 2024Ended
CHUPACHUPA140055000April 15, 2024May 07, 2024Ended
MarvinCatMarvinCat10000010% for all our Marvinian!April 06, 2024May 03, 2024Ended
ASTROPUPsolASTROPUPsol10001000UMarch 25, 2024March 30, 2024Ended
TechPawTechPaw5000100M TokensMarch 24, 2024March 28, 2024Ended
CotiMoon-NetworkCotiMoon Network0100 billionMarch 19, 2024April 20, 2024Ended
DragonDarkDragonDark0100000March 11, 2024March 11, 2024Ended
MoonboiSOLMoonboiSOL0MBSOLMarch 07, 2024March 07, 2024Ended
Frogs-PepeFrogs Pepe100150,000March 07, 2024May 01, 2024Ended
MonakaMonaka050000March 05, 2024March 10, 2024Ended
Whale-Pump-Tribe-Contest-1-BNBWhale Pump Tribe Contest 1 BNB0$1000 worth of BNBFebruary 26, 2024March 06, 2024Ended
Ethereum-InscriptionEthereum Inscription010February 26, 2024March 28, 2024Ended
MongMong01000 Mong On SolFebruary 20, 2024February 22, 2024Ended
JLT-TokenJLT Token0500 JLTFebruary 11, 2024March 04, 2024Ended
SukinakSukinak015 BNBFebruary 11, 2024February 19, 2024Ended
BabyLamasBabyLamas020$January 22, 2024January 29, 2024Ended
NwocoinNwocoin01000January 16, 2024February 01, 2024Ended
REDBONKREDBONK02000January 16, 2024March 20, 2024Ended
Lush-AILush AI01:1 $LUSH tokens to $EnqAI holdersJanuary 14, 2024January 24, 2024Ended
RhytmicRhytmic010000$ in RYTMJanuary 07, 2024January 20, 2024Ended
Get-1M-Free-Grade0Get 1M Free Grade001,000,000 GR0January 07, 2024January 15, 2024Ended
KarlsenAiNetworkKarlsenAiNetwork025000$January 05, 2024January 15, 2024Ended
NOTCOINNOTCOIN01000000 NOTJanuary 01, 2024January 31, 2024Ended
4.2B-CoqInuSolana4.2B CoqInuSolana04,200,000,000 CoqInuSolanaDecember 27, 2023December 31, 2023Ended

Learn about the world of cryptocurrency airdrops and how to benefit from them.

Understanding Airdrops in Cryptocurrency

Airdrops are a popular method used by crypto projects to distribute their tokens to users for free. The goal of airdrops is to encourage adoption of the platform and increase awareness. Users typically receive tokens for completing specific tasks, such as interacting with a decentralized application (DApp), trading on a new exchange, or purchasing an NFT on a new marketplace.

How to Participate in Airdrops?

To participate in airdrops, follow these steps:

  • Stay Informed: Keep up-to-date with the latest airdrop announcements by following crypto projects on social media platforms like Twitter and Discord, as well as their websites
  • Interact with DApps: Engage with new decentralized applications before they launch their tokens, as many airdrops target previous users of the application.
  • Stay Vigilant: Beware of scammers and fake airdrops, and never share your private keys or send money to unverified addresses. Only participate in airdrops from trusted sources.
By staying informed and proactive, you can increase your chances of participating in legitimate airdrops and potentially earning valuable tokens.

How to Receive Airdrop Tokens?

Crypto companies and protocols often announce airdrops through their official communication channels such as Twitter, Discord, and websites. However, these announcements might come after the deadline for interacting with the protocol has passed. To ensure you don't miss out on airdrop opportunities, interact with new crypto applications before any official announcements are made.

How to Check Airdrop History?

You can check past airdrops on our Coinvote airdrop site by scrolling down to "ended airdrops" and browsing through the list. To check your personal airdrop history, use a blockchain explorer like Etherscan. Learn more about using Etherscan in our comprehensive guide.

What Is an Airdrop Countdown?

Airdrop countdowns are announcements made by crypto protocols that provide a timeline for when the airdrop will take place. This strategy helps build awareness and interest in a new protocol, even among those who may not be eligible for the airdrop, as they can still speculate on the token's value.

Why Does My Airdrop Say Waiting?

Some airdrops are so popular that they cause congestion on the blockchain, making it difficult for users to claim their tokens. If you're eligible for an airdrop and see a "waiting" status, follow the project's official communication channels for updates or try again later.

Why Does My Airdrop Keep Canceling?

There are two possible reasons for an airdrop canceling: either your wallet address is not eligible for the airdrop, or the blockchain is congested, and transactions cannot be processed. In the latter case, you can try again later. If your address is not eligible, make sure to check your eligibility through the provided link in the airdrop announcement.